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Bravo Migration offers assistance with Migration to Australia in the following ways :

We assess if you and your family are eligible for any Permanent Residence Visas and advise what the best strategy is for your case in particular. We then prepare and lodge your application and look after it until your visa is granted.

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Latest news

Changes to the Student Visa Program coming on 1st July - what are the details?

On the 15th April the Department of Immigration announced changes to the Migration Regulations that will alter the frame of the Student Visa Program dramatically.

girl in graduation cap with certificate

Today we have 8 Student Visa Subclasses (including the Student Guardian, for those coming to Australia to look after underage students).

 The Subclasses as of today are:

  • 570 ELICOS - for students coming to study English as a Second Language
  • 571 Schools Sector - for those wanting to study at Primary or Secondary Schools
  • 572 Vocational Education and Training - for those enrolled in colleges and technical education
  • 573 Higher Education - for students coming to do Bachelor Degrees and Masters by Coursework generally
  • 574 Postgraduate Research Sector - Master Degree by Research and PhD Students
  • 575 Non-Award Sector - for those enrolled in courses that don’t lead to a qualification
  • 576 Foreign Affairs or Defence - for students of countries to where Australia sends aid and funds studies here for some citizens
  • 580 Student Guardian

From the 1st July there will be only one Student Visa, the Subclass 500 (Student) and a Subclass 590 (Student Guardian).

According to information we received from the Migration Institute of Australia the new regulations aim to:

• streamline application and processing requirements for student visa applicants
• simplify range of requirements including enrolment, financial and other requirements relating to visas previously held if the application is made in Australia

So that all sounds very good and one visa Subclass does indeed make things more simple. But how are the requirements affected and most importantly, how will the regulations be employed in practice?

Reading the new regulations we could see that the Department of Immigration is indeed trying to consolidate requirements and criteria but they still want to put a very strong emphasis in testing the genuineness of Student Visa applications and “strengthen the integrity of the program”.

It doesn’t seem that there will be Levels of Assessment based on the applicant’s country of origin anymore. But there are new requirements being introduced to provide a larger range of factors case officers can take into consideration when assessing if the applicant is a genuine Student, and the financial circumstances of the applicant will always play a big part in it.

The changes also aim at clarify for student visa holders the conditions on the courses they are permitted to undertake and when a change of course would require them to apply for a new student visa

Everyone is welcoming the “simplification” that comes with the changes, but how the case officers will deal with the new regulations when processing application in practice, which is something guide by policy and not legislation, is still to be seen and we will only know what the general outlook of the program will be after that.

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Blame it on Rio!

We have some exciting news that we wanted to share with you:

We are proud to announce that Bravo Migration has expanded to Brazil!

After being established in Sydney in 2008 and later opening offices in Brisbane and Melbourne, we have now crossed the Pacific and have landed on South American soil.

View of Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Our founders and directors are Brazilian-born, so this project is very close to their heart. But what Bravo Migration wants the most is to better serve our customers located in Brazil and the American continent as a whole, making our communication and assistance easier for them.

Australia is a very popular destination for skilled South American professionals and we believe our customers intending to migrate to the land Downunder will benefit from our new location.

We are based in stunning Rio de Janeiro and our operations will be led by Bruno Machado, our new Client Experience Manager in Brazil.

Bruno has extensive experience in assisting clients who want to move to Australia: he spent more than 6 years in his previous role at one of the most prominent student agencies in Brazil specialized in Australian universities, and was dedicated to make Australian dreams come true. We are very lucky to have him in our team!

Bruno small

“I’m very happy to join the Bravo Migration team and look forward to assisting our clients in Brazil. My past experience combined with the fact that I lived in Australia in the past will certainly add value to our clients’ experience in Brazil”

Check Bruno's Linkedin page here.

If you are in Brazil or anywhere in America, Bruno is your guy!

Contact him on

or via our website.

Upcoming Workshops

We will be organising 2 very focused and practical workshops in Rio and Sao Paulo this coming May, so check your Inbox for an invite soon if you are in Brazil now.

Thanks for being part of our journey so far and see you in Rio!

We leave you with another gorgeous Rio image just to brighten your day!

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in twilight


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The Biggest English Lesson in the World

We had the pleasure of taking part in and sponsoring the Biggest English Lesson in the world. It happened on the 12th February at the iconic Bondi Beach.

More than 3000 international students gathered to take an English lesson taught by different teachers from English language colleges from around Sydney. There were students from over 62 different nationalities and together we made history!

Bravo Migration’s beginnings are rooted in the International Student industry in Australia, and we have always aimed at supporting the International Students community.

Over the years we have always made a point of discussing with clients and students the importance of studying English.

It’s important for visa purposes: most applications for an Australian visa, that will allow you to live in the country on a temporary or permanent basis, require applicants to sit for an English language test and show evidence of their English proficiency level.

Some of those visas include the Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa 485, the Sponsorship Work Visa 457 and all the General Skilled permanent visas.

But we believe it’s important for other reasons too: studying English is closely related to the quality of your Australian experience. The better your English the better you will enjoy this country, the more long-lasting friendships you will make and the better the jobs you will get, as well as study and development opportunities.

So when we found out about the Biggest English Lesson in the world, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved and send a message to even more people out there about how important learning English is, while also supporting the Biggest English World Record attempt!

We would like to thank the organisers and all the schools involved, especially our partner International House Sydney, who supported us in giving away 12 weeks of English tuition to now lucky winner on the day of the event.

Personally I deeply identify with the event, as one day a long time ago I chose to come to Australia to study and ended up making this awesome country my home. A lot of my friends were choosing to study in other countries but I never regretted having chosen Australia.

International Education is very important to Australia as it is our third export, just behind coal and iron ore. As of October 2015, there were 615,061 enrolments by international students in Australia on a student visa. This represents a 9.7% increase since October 2014 and compares with the average yearly growth rate for enrolments of 5.9% per year over the preceding ten years. Therefore it’s on trend that the international student industry keeps growing.

It was an awesome experience for us to be part of the Biggest English and know that we are part of this great industry as we truly believe that Australia is a great study destination and a great number of our clients start their Australian journey as students.

We leave you with a great video that sums up that beautiful day and hope you can enjoy it.

YouTube Preview Image

Erica Carneiro
Co-Founder, Director and Registered Migration Agent 0532487

Biggest English
Australian Government - International Student Data 2014
Australian Government - Department of Education and Training
Australian Government - Monthly Summary of International Student

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