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The Bravo Club is the right place to learn online about Australian Visas and Migration Programs.

You will have access to content and information created and reviewed by the Experts at Bravo Migration, a leading Australian Migration Firm whose Registered Migration Agents have worked on thousands of visa applications, since the firm was created in 2008.

The Bravo Club is an exclusive members-only community website where you can find everything you need to know in order to find out if you qualify for an Australian Visa. Our founders and Senior Registered Migration Agents are the experts who will guide you, via videos and downloadable information, in your journey towards finding out if you qualify for an Australian Visa.


Learn about the Australian migration programs through dozens of videos created specifically to give you the right guidance you need. Be up-to-date with legislation changes and releases from the Department of Home Affairs with reviews by our Senior Registered Migration Agents.


By getting to know the Australian migration programs and how they work you will be able to learn if you would qualify for a visa by undertaking a self-assessment of your circumstances. You will also be able to request an assessment from one of our Registered Migration Agents in order to confirm your eligibility.


The Club is also a place to connect with like-minded-people willing to share their experiences and exchange their opinions on visa programs, best regional areas to settle in, financial planning and many other subjects related to immigration, which you will not find anywhere else.


  • Get your information from the experts but still in an online environment with easy, clear and plain language. It will feel like you are in a consultation in person with us!
  • Find the answers yourself: we know what questions you have and we have answered them for you
  • Self-Assess and discover if you qualify for a visa or not
  • Connect with other people like you: our community encourages discussion about visas, requirements, legislation and other topics
  • Have access to real-time legislation updates, opinion pieces from our Directors and special guests, Q&A Sessions with our agents, SkillSelect analysis and exclusive content only available only members


We have two membership options which you can choose from and both of them will give you full access to the Bravo Club:

What worked for others may not work for you. Stop making decisions based on someone else’s case and stories and start looking into your own case. There are a lot of misleading information out there about Australian visas and as a Bravo Club member you will bust all the myths.