Membership FAQ | Bravo Migration
Bravo Migration offers assistance with migration to Australia, including Visa application from start to finish
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How long should I wait until Bravo Migration's initial contact after payment?

Within 24 hours after receipt of your signed contract. Please check your “junkmail” daily to make sure that our initial communication has not been filtered.

I cannot answer all the questions on the Questionnaire. Will this delay my process?

If you have any questions about how to respond to a question, please contact your Case Manager. The questionnaire is very important to ensure that all forms of your process are filled out in the most consistent way possible. It is important that you answer ALL questions as we will complete the Skills Assessment and Visa forms for you with the information you provide in the Questionnaire.

In what language should I answer questions such as teaching institutions and residential / professional address?

In your own language, but without accentuation.

I had an Australian visa in the past but no longer have the visa details. How can I find out?

Please enter as much information as possible, such as the type of visa, approximate duration, etc. And please let us know by email or via the message system that the dates are not exact.

When should I contact my CM or RMA?

Your first point of contact will be your Case Manager. Feel free to contact him/her at any time after receiving our initial information. As much as possible, your questions will be escalated to your RMA when and if necessary.

Preferably, please makes sure to send all your questions in one message / e-mail as this will assist your Case Manager in providing a speedier response (eg, please avoid sending 5 separate messages on the same day).

All the documentation has already been sent, how long must I wait for Bravo to the Visa Application?

Between 3 and 5 working days after receipt and confirmation that all documents were received. At this stage it is important to note that during the final review, the Senior Registered Migration Agent (RMA) may request additional or extra information. Although we try to prevent this from happening at the final stage of your application, sometimes, due to the number of modifications or changes in documentation, some inconsistencies are observed which need to be rectified. Our focus will always be on the quality of your documentation – even if this causes a small delay on lodgement of your application. While speed is important, quality and consistency are paramount to maximize your chances of successs.

Can I track the progress of my visa process?

Bravo Migration has its own account with the Immigration Department, so unfortunately we cannot share these details with you (otherwise you would also have access to the application of all our clients). However, just to clarify, the Immigration system is very basic in this regard and does not list details of the progress of your application. The applications are classified only as “received,” “assessment in progress” and “finalised.”

In many cases, applications can go directly from “received” to “finalised” on the same day. In others, the application stays on “assessment in progress” for 4 months.

The point is that regardless of the status of the case, we must take into account the average processing time of the application.

If the Immigration requires clarification, or if it needs additional documentation regarding the process, it will contact us through the system and an email detailing the information being requested will be sent. Once we receive the request, the deadline to respond is normally of 28 days from the date of receipt. If that happens, we will contact you.

Is the Department of Home Affairs obliged to honour the pre-determined response time?

No. At most they give “suggested time frames” for each process, however – as they like to assert – each case will be evaluated on its own merits. There are several factors that can impact the speed at which the process is finalised, including but not limited to:

  • Case Officer’s workload – not everyone receives the same workload;
  • Experience of the Case Officer – the more experienced the Case Officer, the faster they can complete the processes;
  • Complexity of the application – for example, cases involving minors from different parents or cases with health problems/criminal records tend to take a little longer;
  • Allocation of cases – not infrequently cases are transferred to different Immigration offices depending on the volume of work – which ends up generating a backlog in applications;
  • Holidays / Case Officers Dismissals – Not infrequently Case Officers take vacations or even end up disconnecting from the Immigration Department. In these cases the processes are allocated to another professional, what causes delays in the completion of the process.
Are expenses refunded if my application is refused or if I decide to withdraw from the process?

Legally, as Registered Immigration Agents we cannot guarantee the outcome of any application.

For this reason, we do not offer refunds in cases where the visa is refused.

We also reserve the right to withhold all instalments already paid in relation to our services. Even if not all instalments have yet been paid, depending on how much we have already worked on the case, we reserve the right to charge the remaining amount.