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We help you find the best student visa option, also preparing & lodging all applications for you. Find out more information about how to work with our experienced Registered Migration Agents.
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Choose the best course for you
with our in-house Study Division

Our experienced Educational Consultants are knowledgeable and mature, with decades of experience in the Australian Education Industry. They have helped thousands of people like you enrol in courses in Australia. We can help you find your English Course (ELICOS), Technical Course (VET) and Higher Education providers. Our Consultants work in collaboration with our Registered Migration Agents who are able to tailor a strategy for those interested in using their studies in Australia to later apply for permanent migration.

How it works


Book a consultation with our Educational Consultants to find the best course for your goals and qualifications. We will be able to advise you about the do’s and don’ts of the Student Visa in tandem with our Registered Agents. We will answer all your questions such as: How many hours you can work, what conditions your visa has if you can include family in your Student Visa and many more. Accurate visa advice from registered professionals combined with superior Academic advice from caring consultants.


We work on your enrolment free of charge! Let us communicate with the educational provider on your behalf, taking care of all paperwork and documents involved, making the process completely stress-free! We apply for a place for you, you receive an Offer and we advise you on the next steps.


Apply for a Student Visa with assurance and have peace-of-mind. Our Registered Migration Agents will take care of your Student Visa application increasing your chances of approval and ensuring there that it will also work with your future goals. Don’t let such an important application on the hands of un-registered Education Agencies. Our approval rate is much higher because we have Registered Professionals looking after your documents and applications.

Studying in Australia

Australia offers world-class education, with globally ranked institutions, while also offering you the opportunity of gaining experience in the real world. Australia is one of the only countries in the world who allows Student Visa holders to work while they study. Australia is a safe country, with an amazing lifestyle, high standards of quality of living, having its cities rank high every year in world ranks and whose society is made up of many races and cultures, being a truly multicultural nation.

Some of our Study Packages

Study Social Media Marketing in Adelaide

Diploma of Social Media Marketing
AUD$7,000.00 total tuition fee
Initial payment AUD$500.00 enrolment and material fees
+ First term $ 1,750 tuition fee


Study English in Sydney

AUD$190.0 per week*

*Offer valid until October 2020. No enrolment fee.


Study Leadership Management in Darwin, Northern Territory

AUD$1,350.00 per term
Offer valid for a July start
No enrolment fee/No materials fee


Are you looking to extend your student visa? Fill in the form below and we can help you discover your best available options