Here are some bullet points to take into consideration:



If you wish to come to Australia to study English, take a technical course or a higher education degree, you must have completed at least high school in your country and have your certificate of completion and academic transcript.


  • Links with your country of residency:


One of the first steps for you to come to Australia is to have your student visa approved, where the main purpose of coming to Australia would always be to study for a certain period (visa criteria), seeking knowledge and a degree with the focus to return to your country upon completing your course and progress in your professional career.
Therefore, to prove your genuine intentions to come to study, you would first need to document your ties to your country of residency.


According to your age the best way to prove it would be:


Work: What we use as a link to your country of residency would always be your current and registered work in your career and working for at least the last six months or if you have a business registered under your name that is providing a regular income.


Study: If you are enrolled and are studying in a course that you may leave on stand-by for completion after finishing your exchange studies abroad, this document will also provide evidence of links with the country you live in.


But remember, if you are traveling with your partner, he or she will also need to provide these links.


  • In order to be granted a student visa, you must meet the health and character requirements set by the Australian Government Immigration Department.


If you are living illegally in any country, we suggest that you legalize your situation and / or return to your country of residency by resuming your ties with the country and contact us for a further assessment after one year.


  • In order to be granted a student visa, the financial requirements must be met.


Would you have financial resources to prove to immigration?


Planning of your exchange abroad will include:


  1. Fees for the course you will choose, where you will need to pay at least six months of the program before applying your visaNote: Study program with shorter duration will be payed accordingly.
  2. OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover), you will need to pay mandatory medical insurance before applying for you or your entire family’s visa (if applicable).
  3. Six months or one term for your child’s school in Australian public system (if applicable) if your child is 5+ years old.
  4. Australian Student Visa Application Fees, where you will need to pay before applying for you and your entire family (if applicable).


In addition to the above payments you will need to prove sufficient funds to stay in Australia during the study period for you and your family (if applicable).


These funds must be shown to Immigration when applying for your visa.


The following information is a guide to the minimum amount of financial resources to be shown in the student visa application and does not necessarily represent the cost of living in Australia.


The financial support takes into consideration the first year in Australia.


Student or Guardian: AU$ 21,041.00

Dependent: AU$ 7,362.00 (Over 18 years)

Per child: AU$ 3,152.00 (Under 18 years)


For courses that will take longer than one year the applicant shall provide, in addition to evidence of financial support and access to sufficient resources for the first year, proof of access to financial resources for the remainder of the course.